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  • Comment: About four months ago we had guests staying in an upstairs garage apartment. The toilet overflowed and ran for a good 4 hours. There was extensive damage to the sheetrock, hardwood floors and other items. I called Dayspring and they showed up quickly, explained what they were going to do and what to expect along the way. They were professional and immediately returned my phone calls with any questions that I had. The remediation crew were very professional and Jerry was the key to overseeing the job. I can't say enough about him concerning his expertise and honesty with all of this. The cabinets had to be removed, the hardwood flooring taken up, much of the baseboard and trim around the doors removed and sheetrock and insulation taken down. Everything was accurately marked and labeled as to their original location. This made putting it back together very easy. I would recommend Dayspring to anyone who needed help quickly with any restoration effort.
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