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    The cleaners did a really bad job. I had to have them clean my kitchen 3 times and the guys that were doing the insulation and lacquer ended up doing it the last time. They did not do one room off the entry but it was charged to insurance. They didn’t do the floor in the office so jack the insulation guy did it. I had stuff stored in the office and I wanted to get some things straightened up in there so I asked them not to do it until last. I came home and they had done it way before last. I’m still looking for things in there. They didn’t pull out the washer and dryer. They were to take my clothes the first week while I was gone. 2 months into project they still hadn’t so I said forget it. They took some stuff upstairs to the cleaners and some they didn’t. The first guys did the bookshelf in front of books but not the top of books. My bedroom window was open and that fire retardant got all over screen and they didn’t clean it. The list goes on and on. I have pictures of the terrible job they did. And it took a long time. Then I get the bill. Cleaning job definitely not worth that. My weekly cleaning lady said I should of gotten her to do it. Would of been a better faster job. Said they could fix the hardwood floors. I said forget it. I’ll get someone else.
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