16729328[1]Any type of flooding in your home, even a small faucet overflow, can cause significant stress. Water can quickly damage your home, causing a number of problems with your home’s safety and aesthetics. Recognizing the common signs of water damage will help you address it quickly to reduce your stress. Your restoration company in Missoula can perform a water damage restoration throughout your home so that you are not living with the following signs of damage in your household.

Destroyed Areas

Anything the water might have touched, such as soaked carpet, flooring, and drywall, damaged appliances, and destroyed possessions are all the first victims of a flood. As the water continues to soak through the areas, any bacteria and harmful chemicals in the water can further the damage. These chemicals and bacteria can last for days and weeks, causing issues such as rot and mold.

Mold Damage

One of the most harmful effects of flooding is the possibility of mold damage. Mold is a dangerous spore that will easily enter and grow throughout your home after a flood. It can cause severe health problems and continue to ruin appliances and areas of your home. To effectively remove mold from your home, you’ll need to hire a licensed and experienced restoration company to perform a complete mold damage restoration. Mold remediation typically requires specialized tools and cleaning products best left to the professionals. Do not try to clean and remove mold yourself. Without the proper safety equipment, you could suffer further damages to your health through inhalation of the spores or cleaning products.

Heath Concerns

Water damage can release the mold spores and other bacteria into the air and surrounding areas; these dangerous organisms increase respiratory concerns in those already suffering from asthma and allergies. Additionally, standing water can host a range of harmful bacteria that might cause serious illnesses following ingestion or skin contact.