As many of you know, we are undergoing a time of immense uncertainty and concern with the outbreak of COVID-19. We want all of you to know the actions that Dayspring Restoration is taking during this time to be a resource and provider for both home and business owners.

Steps Dayspring Restoration Has Taken to Reduce Pathogen Spread Within Our Organization and to Our Customers:
As our company faces this public health crisis, we have implemented steps and processes to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 between staff members, our customers, and the general public. While much of the general public self-quarantined, our company continues to respond to restoration and disinfection emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are and will continue to take proactive steps to protect our customer’s health and safety, as well as that of our team members. This means that our team members will be wearing protective equipment including disposable suits, respiratory protection, gloves, and eye protection when they enter homes and businesses. For both your protection and our entire team’s protection, we have implemented rigorous cleaning and disinfection protocols at our facilities and for our equipment. Additionally, we will be practicing social distancing and minimizing human-to-human touching whenever possible.

The current situation is trying and unprecedented. We are committed to serving our customers and the general public with compassion and empathy. Please understand that our team members are experiencing the same unknowns and facing the same anxieties that you may be experiencing. Many of them are working long shifts in uncertain environments. With this, we urge everyone to treat one another with dignity and respect in this crisis.

Reducing the Spread of Pathogens:
Currently, there is no way to fully prevent the spread of viral infections. Although many spaces may be cleaned, there are no guarantees of total disinfection. Preventative cleaning is not a viable option at this time, but the CDC and other health authorities have recommended vigilant cleaning of high touch surfaces with an EPA registered disinfectant. In many cases, this cleaning can be conducted by your own staff.

If your property does not have a confirmed case of COVID-19 exposure and lacks the resources available to properly disinfect, we may be able to assist with cleaning procedures. Some of these services that we can assist with include:

  1. Biomass Load Reduction Cleaning: Janitorial-type cleaning to remove biofilm (dry/wet)
  2. Application of an EPA registered disinfectant following label instructions and using proper dwell time and drying processes

Again, this process can be done by you, your staff, or regular maintenance staff. However, if you do not have enough resources please let us know.

In the Case of a Confirmed or Suspected Infection:

If a confirmed case does exist in your home or building, we can provide a highly trained, specialized team to perform disinfection services. These teams have extensive experience working in contaminated environments and are fit-tested and certified to wear the proper protective equipment and respiratory protection.

The standard operating procedure in a confirmed/suspected infection scenario is similar to general cleaning, but more extensive. The first step is to conduct a disinfecting wet down of all touch-prone surfaces. Once complete, we use STERAMIST, a binary ionization technology which activates hydrogen peroxide via a plasma arc to deactivate virus.

Most commonly treated areas are:

  • Entrances and lobbies
  • Elevator cabs
  • Doors, frames and handles
  • Light switches
  • Public interior space
  • Hallways/Stairways

While availability of crews and resources is constantly changing day by day, please reach out to us if the need arises and we can help you prioritize the necessary actions required for the affected property. No restoration company can guarantee 100% eradication of the virus or prevent reinfection of a property. We are following best practices and processes, as recommended by local and federal health authorities.

Below is a list of additional resources that are available on the subject of COVID-19:

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