Are you looking for a mold cleaner near Missoula? It’s important to deal with mold abatement quickly if you suspect that you have a household mold problem. Otherwise, the mold can spread throughout your home and become a more difficult—and more expensive—problem to handle. Read on to learn more about cleaning up mold in your house.

Assess Your Mold Problem

You may be able to handle mold abatement yourself, or you may need to hire a professional mold cleaner—it all depends on the extent of your mold problem. If you’re in need of water removal or water damage restoration after a flood, you’ll likely need to hire someone to take care of your mold problem for you. The flooded water may have been contaminated by sewage or other hazardous materials, so it’s best to leave this type of problem to an experienced and well-equipped professional. This also applies to moldy areas that are larger than ten square feet.

Check Your HVAC System

If you’ve noticed a moisture problem near your HVAC system or see mold on its components, don’t run the air conditioning. Doing so could allow the mold to spread throughout your building via the air. Call a mold abatement service to get your HVAC system back to working order so that you can use it without worsening your mold problem.

Get Rid of Moldy Materials

Porous materials absorb mold, making it impossible to clean them. That’s why it’s important to throw away absorbent materials that have become contaminated with mold. Ceiling tiles and carpet are some of the main culprits, but old wallpaper, upholstery, and documents may also have an unsolvable mold problem. Getting rid of these items will help keep your mold problem from spreading further. If you have a valuable or sentimental item that has become contaminated with mold and that you are hesitant to throw out, consult a specialist about the possibility of saving it.